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I love to make people happy through pottery. For years, my Aunt would to take me to Seagrove to see all of the amazing potters.

In 2017 I started taking classes. 6 months later my husband talked me into setting up a home studio. We started going to shows and experienced great success.  I thank God every day for the artistic gift He gave me. It allows me to do what I love as my profession.


Functional Pottery

I want people to use their pottery every day. That is why I focus on functional pottery like coffee mugs, cereal bowls, berry bowls, soup and cracker mugs, mixing bowls, spoon rests, wine goblets and so much more. All of my pottery is dishwasher safe, oven safe (up to 400 degrees), and microwave safe.

You can find out where we are going to be on our events page. You can also get updates by visiting our Facebook page. Once you get there please be sure to follow us.

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